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Production Controller, Additional Cameraman & Still Photographer for the documentary “Life is difficult, yet, we struggle” which was screened at the BIFF’ 94.

Additional Cameraman for the films “Circles”, which was the opening film of the video section & for the film “Beyond the Veil” which were screened at BIFF’94.

Editor of the film “A Brief Journey”, which represented India at the following festivals:
  • BIFF’96, held in Mumbai in Feb’96.
  • International Cinema Students’ Festival held at Tel-Aviv, Israel in June’96.
  • 19th Recontres Internationales Henri Langlois, held from 4th to 8th Dec’96, at Poitiers, France.
  • International Film Festival of India held from 10th to 20th January 1997, at Thiruvananthapuram, India.
Editor of the documentary film “Surabhi… (The stage)” which was selected as the best film in the documentary section of the National Film Festival 1999. This film also won the Andhra Pradesh state Nandi Award in the documentary category. The film has represented India at major international film festivals like Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Paris, Toronto, etc.

Assistant Editor for the film “Maya”, which won the 1st Runner-up People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival of 2001.

Editor for the film “Yellamma” which was selected for the National Film Festival 2001-2002.

Editor for the film “The Holy Bastard”, made on the digital format, which was selected for screening at Cannes Video festival in 2003

Editor for the feature film “Hero” which won the Nandi award (AP State Award) in the best feature film for children’s category in 2005.

Editor for the feature film “Sontha Vooru” winner of four Nandi awards for the year 2009.

Editor for the feature film “Gangaputrulu” winner of three Nandi Awards for the year 2010.
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