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Consultant - Academics  
Rama Naidu Film School, Hyderabad.     
Involved in teaching of subjects related to Film Making, Film Editing, Film Studies & Production Design. I am also involved in the supervision of various exercises of the students.
Adjunct Faculty (Editing)  
Ramoji Academy of Film & Television, Hyderabad.     
Involved in teaching of subjects related to Film & Video Editing. I was also involved in the mentoring of students in their execution of their various productions as part of their academics.
Professor (Editing)  
Annapurna International School of Film & Media, Hyderabad.     
Involved in teaching of subjects related to Film & Video Editing. I was also involved in the supervision of various exercises of the students.


Professor & HOD - Digital Film Making
SAE Colleges, Chennai.
Involved in teaching of subjects related to Film making like Scripting, Direction, Documentary film making, Editing, etc. to the students at a Diploma & Graduation level. I was also involved in mentoring the students & helping develop soft skills & survival instincts in the media industry.


Creative Director
Kosmic Film Entertainment Company Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
I was involved in the planning of the setting up of their proposed religious television channel. The work involved
  • Coming up with concepts for the proposed programme, budgeting for the same, identifying the resources & drawing up the schedule for completing the programme.
  • Identifying & recruiting the technical manpower.
  • Scheduling the programmes for telecast.
  • Supervising the content creation in terms of the visuals, audio & also the graphics components.
  • Overall supervision of the execution of the programme not only in terms of conformity with the corporate policy, aesthetics and technical specifications.
  • In-House training of the various staff (mainly producers, Cameramen & assistants and Editors)
  • Co-ordination between the various departments involved in the production of the programmes


Head of the Department (Media Training Vertical)
Manipal Universal Learning Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.
Designing of the course curriculum & the course contents for the various courses.
Decision making process in the areas pertaining to the choice of Technical equipments like Cameras, Editing systems, library, etc.
Co-ordination between the various departments like the in-house Infrastructure & Facilities Deptt and the external agencies like the architects & Tech Consultants in activities related to the setting up of the institute in terms of brick & mortar.
Co-ordination between the organization & Technical consultants in the setting up & the commissioning of the Television studio & the Editing Labs.
Identification & the recruitment of the manpower needed for the Institute. 


Dean for the Film School & Asstt. Director for the Hyd. campus
Rai Foundation, Hyderabad [erstwhile Rai University].
I was involved in setting up of the institution right from scratch. 
As an academician, I was instrumental in designing the course curriculum for the various courses. I taught subjects related to film making like Editing, Script writing, Art direction, Visualization, Animation, Graphics & special effects.
Supervised the Practicals & TV Production exercises of the students as the Executive Producer.
As the head of academics, I administered the various academic delivery processes and supervised the evaluation processes testing the students i.e. the smooth conduct of the examinations.
As a mentor for the students, I was actively involved in inter-acting with the students, trying to solve their problems & motivating them to perform better.


Asstt. Professor (Editing)
Film & Television Institute of India, Pune.
I was involved in teaching the film students not only the theoretical but also the practical aspects of editing.
I was also involved in the training of Doordarshan & All India Radio staffers who came to FTII as part of their in-service training programmes.

Usha Kiran Media Ltd., Hyderabad.
I was involved in the launch of their Marathi Satellite Channel (ETV Marathi). As a senior editor, I helped in building up their programme bank running into hundreds of hours within a span of three months.
I was also involved in the programming, scheduling & packaging of the various programmes for telecast.

Chief Editor cum Chief Trainer
SIBAR Media & Entertainment Ltd., Hyderabad. 
As the Chief Editor, I was the interface between the studio management & the clients hiring the facility. My job included editing clients’ projects, overall studio administration as also training students in the various aspects of editing with special reference to Non-Linear Editing. I have trained more than 25 trainees on the various aspects of non-linear editing, who are now successful editors not only in Hyderabad, but also in the Bollywood & Chennai industries. 

Chief Editor (Avid)
Prasad Film Laboratories Ltd., Hyderabad.
I was involved in setting up of the non-linear editing facility, which was a pioneer in the Hyderabad industry. My job involved not only editing clients’ films, marketing the facility among the Film producers & Directors, but also the overall administration of the studio.

Free-lance Director/ Producer
A&M Films and Audiovisuals, Hyderabad.


​I made five corporate films for clients like Shriram Group (Hyderabad Div.), A & R Packaging (an unit of Thapar Group), SEW Constructions & Prasad Project Works Ltd., Hyderabad & the Bangalore launch film for Siyasat daily.
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