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Trailer of Gangaputrulu (A Feature film in Telugu language, edited by me


Bosu (Ramki), Sattibabu (Mahesh) and Parugu (Samudram Venkatesh) are three friends in a small town where fishing is the principal profession. Bosu and Parugu are into fishing while Sattibabu is an easy going guy who lives on credit. Nukalu (Tanmayi), a fisherman's girl in the same village loves Bosu. He however doesn't reciprocate her love and ignores her. The fishermen community in the village is slowly dwindling in number as the new port that has been set up is netting away all the fishes from the sea using latest technology while the hapless fishermen get nothing. Many migrate to Andamans while a few find jobs elsewhere. Ajay (Subbaraju) is the CEO of Real Race company which plans to start marine company in the village. Swapna (Gayatri) is a reporter from TV-111 who comes to the village to do a story on the plight of the fishermen community. She realises that the community is not happy with the new investments and Real Race's plans to start marine firm will only kill them further. The rest of the story is on what does Swapna do to save the village and what impact will it have on Bosu and Nukalu.


The best part about this movie are the dialogues that make you think, connect instantly and clap in admiration for the writer. Dialogues by L B Sriram on share market losses are penned very well and the dialogue writer needs a pat on the back for meaning so much in such simple language.

The background score by Praveen Immadi is appealing and the song 'Kanulatho..' where the fisherman's daughter is presented quite sensuously without seeming vulgar.

The screenplay and editing are skillful and in commensurate with this genre of cinema and avoid boredom. The shots of Sompeta firing in 2010 and the message of Mahatma Gandhi that "the world has enough for everyone's needs but doesn't have enough for one man's greed', sets in proper background for this topical cinema.

The film bagged three Nandi Awards (instituted by the State Govt. of Andhra Pradesh) 

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